Journey to Restoration

The last two years have been spent deconstructing who I am, what I believe and where I want to go. I am not sure why it took a global pandemic to shake me the best way but it did. Nothing was spared… My past, my faith, my relationships, my career. There were months where I felt like a shell of my former self floating hollow on the waves of life. I tried in these darker times to put on what I formerly believed, did, and felt but all felt too snug, too small, and could no longer hold what I had discovered.

In this season, I found others who were hurting and not necessarily due to anything that had directly happened to them but had been carrying the burdens of the world. My feelings, my capacity, my energy were all burned. I did life on the little bit of oil left in my lamp. I began to look at the scraps from the shredding and began to discover that what remained was true. Slowly I began to make more sense why I felt the way I did. When I stopped denying and started looking for clues to unlock the door- it unlatched. What I discovered on the other side is not an answer, but a series of additional questions. 

Today, I find comfort in not knowing. This humble seat under life’s tree permits me to ask questions, and doesn’t hold me to having the right answer. It is here that growth will never cease. It is here that my well will not run dry. It is here that I feel connected. It is here that I feel restored.

My personal theme for the next season is restoration.

Restoration of self, relationships, offspring, home, faith, energy and purpose.

We were created on purpose, for a purpose and with a purpose. When we discover this, there is absolutely nothing that can stand in our way except for ourselves.

To those that stumble upon this entry, I wish you the courage, strength and energy to persevere in finding, attaining and living for your purpose!

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